Those Winter Thunderstorms Wreaked Havoc on Our Roof

Spring kind of came and went and came back again this year. It got warm, the forsythia started to bloom, and then it got frigid again and snowed. I think the plants and the people were confused. When it got warm, we had thunderstorms in February with high winds. I was standing by the big window in the kitchen watching the wind and the rain when I saw things flying through the air. I did not know what they were until I went outside to take a look. Well, I had to call for roofing installation in Queens NY as a big section of the shingles on our roof had blown off.

It looks like one section of roofing caught the wind and started to lift up. Then it was like dominoes falling after one shingle got knocked loose. Those wind gusts were awful though. The underlayment did not get damaged, and that prevented water from getting into the attic. The roofing company came out during a break in the rain and put a big blue tarp over the damaged area and nailed it down with wood strips. It looked like one of those bright adhesive bandages kids like on their boo-boos. Of course they could not just redo the roof until the rain stopped, and that was going to be a few more days. Plus, it was going into the cold spell with the snow.

Well, at least the roof was sealed up tight. The company could have come out and done the roof, but the weather did not cooperate at all. Then we started into another warm spell, and that was when they redid the entire roof. It looks great now with all brand new shingles. Plus, we got the ones that look like cedar shake shingles. They give the roof surface a nice dimensional look, and the color is great.