If you are moving into a senior living facility, this can be a big transition. However, you can make it quite a bit easier if you follow these simple steps:

  • Make friends before you arrive. Some centers allow you to stay there for a day or two before you move in. The center may be able to match you with people who already live there. That way, when you actually move in, you will know a few people.
  • Choose a welcoming senior center. The facility you choose should offer plenty of welcoming support. Some centers have a hospitality committee that helps new residents to connect. Bartley Healthcare offers many ways to make you feel more welcome.
  • Eat with others in the dining area. Walking into the big dining room can be intimidating, like the first day of school. Yet this is where you are going to meet the most people.
  • Find a niche. There are all sorts of activities available at most senior centers today. No matter if you like to walk, go to wine tastings, play tennis or read, there will probably be programs for you. Get involved.

Moving into a senior center can be a wonderful experience; you just need to make sure you are proactive so that you can meet friends.