Slowly Making the Transition from Rural Colorado Living to a Luxury Place in the Denver Area

We wanted to move closer to the city. We have lived out in the middle of nowhere for years. Now we wanted to be closer to what I call civil infrastructure, especially in the winter. We have been snowed in for days before out here in Colorado. It was okay when we were young and tough, but now we are a bit older and wiser. I had my wife contact a real estate agent in Denver to find us a nice home. We had saved for a lifetime, so a bit of luxury is what we wanted. I used to say that the call of the wild was in my blood when I was younger. That is why my wife and I moved to a rural location. She tells me she still likes our seclusion, but only in the summer months. So, we decided to keep our place and have a winter home in the Denver area.

I have been down passes where the snow is so high that it is like driving through a tunnel without a top. The big machines that move the snow are incredible. They do blasting out here to minimize avalanches. You don’t see too many places where they launch mortar rounds to blow up snow to protect people. It is kind of incredible even to think about. Living in the Denver area gives us access to everything we would want or need in the winter. No more being holed up for a couple of weeks with the power out. It is nice to know that we can survive off the grid in the home we have lived in for years, but that is only because we have learned to lay in supplies for the winter.

It is also nice to know we have the money to get a nice place to live in the Denver area for a winter home. However, the place we found is so nice that it will make a very nice summer home too. Maybe we will sell our rural home to a young couple who wants the seclusion as we did all those years ago when we first got married.