A Few Things You Should Know About Impotence in Men

Erectile dysfunction (ED), commonly known as impotence in men is a health issue present in many men. However, only a small number of men are ready to talk about this problem because they are afraid that they will lose respect among their friends. This doesn’t change the fact that thousands of men are dealing with this problem and that they need help. In case you are one of these men, you should know that you are not alone and that there is a wide range of treatments that are actually very efficient. The treatments provided by healthcare professionals today are very effective, which is something that we cannot say for the treatments used in the past. With these treatments you can bring back your natural, healthy sex life. So, who is prone to impotence?

Impotence can occur in men of all ages. Young men who are up to 25 years old can experience impotence because of anxiety and nervousness which usually occurs as a result of inexperience of using condoms and fear of unwanted pregnancy. On the other hand, men between 25 and 45 usually experience problems due to high stress levels caused by problems at work and at home, guilt associated with sexual affair or grieving for the loss of someone close to them. Most cases of impotence in men can be found in men that are 46 years old or older. This comes as a result of the natural process of aging which alters the blood vessels located in the penis and restrict the blood flow which eventually makes achieving erection much harder. Certain brain and heart issues have been associated with impotence too. There is no doubt that things like alcohol abuse and smoking cigarettes contribute to this unpleasant occurrence.

It is good to know that an erection occurs when men are sexually stimulated. At this moment, blood flow in the penis increases and the penis becomes stiff and hard. This stiffness will be gone only if you don’t touch the penis for a certain period of time or if you have ejaculated.

Another thing that we must mention is that impotence is not present only in people who are physically ill. There are few other causes that lead to impotence in men and identifying them is crucial for the treatment.

The good news is that even though this issue is frequent in modern men, the number of cases is decreasing in the last few years. The main reasons for this change is the fact that many men are no longer afraid or embarrassed to talk about this problem and the opportunity to choose between a few efficient healing methods.

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