Let me explain what healthy skin in simple words. Healthy skin is smooth, soft, evenly tonedin short, beautiful! How is this logical? Let us use an analogy. Youll know when youre sick when you dont feel well, you look pale and your skin feels clammy, right? Well, just like any other form of illness, it manifests itself in irregularities in your feeling and physical appearancejust like someone with Hepatatis has a yellowish complexion. And so, unhealthy skin can be defined by its rough texture, abnormal coloration (I say abnormal because each persons tone of complexion varies), dryness and oiliness, and skin that is inappropriate for your age. For instance, youre just in your twenties and yet you have wrinkles like youre in your fourties.

So, in contrast to what an unhealthy skin is, a healthy skin is smooth, soft, evenly toned and appropriate for natural aging. It makes sense, right? And whats most important is that these external factors symbolize that your skin is functioning properly in that it protects your body from the sometimes unkind effects of the environment, prevents harmful germs and bacteria from penetrating your body, and preserves the skins natural waterproof property.

So, knowing that a beautiful skin equals a healthy skin, let me give you just one very important word of advice that is essential in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. Regulate your skins exposure to the sun. as you all know, sunlight contains harmful, and sometimes even fatal, UV rays that causes premature skin aging and skin cancer. It is your skins number one enemy. It not only makes you sweat, which bleeds your skin of the water it needs to function normally, but too much exposure also causes the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer.

So, if you want to maintain your healthy skin, use precautions when you know youre going to be exposed to the suns hot rays for a long period of time. Make it a habit to apply sunscreen before going out. And since the US is home to Caucasians who love to tan, I recommend that you use sunless tanning lotions and indoor tanningthe spray-on ones and not the ones that use tanning beds and lamps as the World Health Organization (WHO) has already labeled these tanning equipment as carcinogenic.

Have you ever laughed until your belly hurt, or until you got teary-eyed, or you could hardly breathe? Don’t worry, no harm will come to you or your body. In fact, you may be even doing your health a lot of good.
That’s not all. There are many health benefits to laughing. You can actually give up those stress relieving medications or health boosters. Laughing a few times a day actually will take their place.
In What Ways Does Laughing Benefit You?
Laughter activates the release of substances called endorphins into your blood. This substance, as it traverses your veins and goes through your body and your brain, is what causes that relaxing, happy, overflowing feeling when you laugh, and makes you want to laugh more.
Laughing doesn’t just make you happy; it’s good for your mental health as well.
– It lowers blood pressure. First, blood pressure rises when you start to laugh, then it goes down below the normal level. When you laugh, your tendency is also to take in a lot of air, and with it, oxygen, which gets into your blood and feed your body. Oxygen is good because it stimulates the circulation of blood and the processes of your body.
– Laughter also increases heart and pulse rate, and reduces stress. Increased heart and pulse rates (within normal levels) keep your body organs active and your body more energized. These also help you be more focused, which facilitates learning and knowledge acquisition.
– Laughing strengthens the heart. When you are always stressed, fats and cholesterol in the heart and the arteries accumulate faster. Laughter, by reducing stress, helps prevent the buildup of fats and cholesterol, and makes the heart stronger and keeps it in a more healthy condition, thus lessening the likelihood of having a heart attack.
– Along with reducing stress, laughing will lower your blood sugar levels as well. Having a blood sugar level that is too high contributes to diabetes and obesity along with other health conditions. – ‘Laughter yoga’ is another form of exercise that makes use of laughter as the main stimulating agent. The method also includes physical positions and postures but the main object is to make the participants laugh and therefore benefit from the positive effects of laughter.
How Laughter Helps Your Mental Health
Laughing is one good way to relieve yourself of the mental pressures and emotional stress that you are often subjected to everyday. Laughter lifts your spirit and helps you handle life’s challenges more positively, and more competently.
– When you get to the point where you are laughing hysterically you’ll get a sense of relief and feel more relaxed.
– Laughter is also a good way for families to be able to handle common problems and face difficult times. Families that are able to laugh together, even in the face of troubles (like a death in the family, a sickness, or financial problems) are able to discuss matters together, understand one another, and find solutions acceptable to all better.
Laugh Everyday
Along with healthy food, exercise, and natural air and sunshine, laughter is probably one of the least expensive and most effective ‘medicines’ for good health – mental, physical and emotional. And it certainly is the most enjoyable of all!

A lot has been said and discussed about aloe Vera, especially about its health benefits. Named as Aloe barbadensis that is commonly known as aloe Vera, the natural plant product is widely believed to have significant health benefits for human anatomy. But is aloe Vera good for health?

Forms of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is available in various forms for use. Most popular forms of it are

– In form of gel;

– In form of lotions to be applied on the skin and body;

– In form of liquids and creams; and

– Also in form of edible capsules.

Best Use of Aloe Vera

While there are multiple uses of aloe Vera, the best use is for skin eruptions as well as allergies. For cosmetologists and ayurvedic treatments both gels and lotions are very popular and more and more companies manufacturing such medicines are now turning towards aloe Vera for better results. Trend in the market is one of the points to answer is aloe Vera good for health.

Specialties of Aloe Vera Gel

Among all the products manufactures with aloe Vera the gel form has some specialties.

– Aloe Vera gel has as many as 75 nutrients and that is very good for health;

– It is also extremely good for burns and wounds;

– If immediately applied on the burn or wounds, it can give best results;

– Great relief from pain is one of the major advantages of applying aloe Vera gel; and

– The gel is excellent remedy for cuts, bruises, scrapes and even for shingles.

Other Benefits of Aloe Vera

To answer the question is aloe Vera good for health conclusively; one can have a look at its other benefits that includes relief from itching and pain. Many people that have been suffering from Psoriasis, aloe Vera has offered great relief by way of pain reduction and soothing the itches. In addition; when the gel form is used it can result in considerable improvement in the lesions.

Aloe Vera for Heart

If something is good for heart and treatment of related illness, it is obviously good for health. On such considerations one can safely conclude that aloe Vera is good for health. In fact, aloe Vera juice is also extensively used for hear burns as well as for ulcers and digestive disorders of various types. Physicians also use it at times as laxative. Aloe Vera juice works as anti-inflammatory agent and has the capability of reducing the stomach juices secreting.

While all the benefits of aloe Vera is yet to be discovered, several studies and research has been conducted on the component, especially by the Japanese scientists. Several clinical trials have also been conducted. Results have been identical in almost all cases and it has been conclusively established that aloe Vera is good for the digestive system.

So there is the answer to the question is aloe Vera good for health.

Everybody should be concerned about health nowadays as there have been several health issues that have caused financial problems to those who are unprepared. If you are willing to give a great deal for your well being and promote health among your group or your family you should be able to get your own health insurance provider.

We should be able to determine how important it is to maintain the general condition of the body and the mind as well. Many would say that if one talks about insurance policies, it usually deals with those expensive plans for extensive medical assistance and instead of people liking to take advantage of the benefits that they could get from Aetna Health Insurance plans they tend to just categorize it as a luxury and some doesn’t give a fuss about it at all

How much do you think would it take for you to be able to avail a health plan such as Aetna Health Insurance? Evaluate if this is as much as you would spend if you encounter a health emergency that would lead to hospitalization or probably a certain illness that has to be immediately attended to and may have to ask you to leave from your current employment. Isn’t it a relief that you don’t have to worry about that at all? Isn’t it alleviating when you can get someone support you in time like these? Financially?

Thinking of these possibilities, you should consider getting a health insurance service that can provide you such assistance and takes measures in preparation for your health care where you can make sure that you actually get your money’s worth, you can consider availing of the available plans that Aetna Health Insurance have.

In reality we should always be open on what the future may bring. One has to keep in mind that in everyday life you will not always be as healthy as you think you are. There are times that you would need medical assistance and professional health advice, if you are not prepared or if you don’t have an Aetna Health Insurance medical assistance either for your own good or for the good of your family members, you might feel sorry in the end.

Make no mistake in prioritizing things in your life especially when it comes to the general condition of you body and mind. You should as well consider your welfare and your family’s welfare when it comes to unexpected situations. After recognizing what benefits you can get from a definite a health insurance company you will then have an idea what Aetna Health Insurance is all about.

Everyone wants good health. However, not everyone shares a common definition of what good health is, though a common starting point for any definition would have to include the term “nutrition.” Proper nutrition is required to keep a human body functioning, but just what is nutrition? Simply put, nutrition is everything we consume that contributes to our health. Nutrition is all the vitamins, minerals and foods that supply the basic needs for life.

In other words, good nutrition is the key to preventing a plethora of health problems. Diet, the food we consume, can either serve to prevent disease or encourage negative health issues. Physical issues from chronic fatigue to skin and hair problems are often related to nutritional issues. A well balanced diet ensures that nutrients are properly distributed to all areas of the body. Conversely, an imbalance contributes to everything from that feeling of being too tired to get up in the morning to male impotence. The secret is to find a balance that works for maintaining a quality of life that only comes from good health.

The human body requires many elements to function properly – to have proper nutrition. At the top of the list is water, followed by carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Each of the elements has a function in keeping the human body healthy, and an excess or shortage of any one element can produce negative health outcomes. While there are arguments about which of them is most important, the simple fact is that we need to concentrate on finding a balance that meets the needs of the human body.

Diet is the primary element in maintaining a healthy nutritional balance. While some nutrients can be obtained from consuming nutritional supplements, the foods available should serve to meet the body’s normal requirements. By being cognizant of our nutritional needs, foods can be selected that meet those needs. Unfortunately, this skill does not always come naturally. Each consumer must take the time to become aware of how the human body functions and what foods allow those functions to properly occur.

Only by properly meeting nutritional needs can humans maintain health and guard against illness. And only by recognizing that the human body is essentially an engine that needs specific fuels can humans enjoy good health. Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the fuels that keep human bodies running smoothly. By educating ourselves on which foods provide those nutrients our collective health can be improved, with a corresponding improvement in our quality of life.

Looking for an OOH advertising channel to reach the health-minded, mobile, and affluent demographic? Whether your message pertains to college students, seniors, mothers or business people, health club media provides many effective touch points for your target consumer.

Numerous out of home advertising opportunities exist at fitness clubs, including digital displays, indoor panel posters, yoga mats, sampling/giveaways, sponsored music, backlit displays, branded weights and floor mats – just to name a few. An advertiser can utilize the various media types to target consumers in the classroom/studio, locker room, restroom, cardio room, weight room, lounge or reception area.

Benefits of the Health Club Advertising –

Health club advertising tends to reach a more active, affluent demographic. Recent trends have moved the age of the demographic from younger to more moderate. For example, people in their 40s and 50s are seeing the benefits of fitness clubs, plus many gyms have begun implementing programs for active seniors. In fact, according to American Demographics, over 17% of gym-goers are aged 55 and over. However, it’s still very effective in reaching the 18-49 age group as well.

Advertisers can engage specific groups of consumers with health club media because of the many different ways a message can be delivered using the medium. However, with a full club campaign, targeting additional demographic segments simultaneously is also easy. Another benefit of health club advertising is the association of your product with a healthy lifestyle. By including fitness centers in a campaign, the advertiser connects with people who take care of themselves and want healthy products.

How the OOH Medium is Used –

To target different demographic and lifestyle segments with health club media, advertisers can use location, health club type, program and time of day.

Geographic location is one way to reach a specific demographic segment. Look not only at the demographic make-up of that particular area of the market, but at the surrounding areas as well. Check to see if the gym or health club is located in a heavy office area (white collar workers), school/college area (college students or mothers) or affluent neighborhood.

If targeting by behavior or lifestyle segment, the type of fitness center can make a big difference. For example, gender-specific clubs and family fitness centers are going to have quite different consumers. Incorporating specific health club types into a media plan is a great way to target specific lifestyle segments.

Targeting by program can be a great way to get your media in front of the senior, college students, mothers-to-be and business people demographics. For example, express workouts, yoga/Pilates and personal training sessions draw different types of consumers, making niche targeting simple.

Reach consumers during different times of the day using specific media products that allow for day-part scheduling. For instance, the younger demographic typically works out later in the day, while seniors work out in the morning. Many digital networks allow this type of scheduling. Other options might include providing the front desk with coupons to be given out at a certain time or scheduling a promotion to hand out samples to specific groups at specific times.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Still, millions of Americans suffer with various types of mental illness and mental health problems, such as social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and personality disorders. Mental illness and psychological disorders have good treatment options with medications, psychotherapy, or other treatments.

Mental health concerns everyone. It affects our ability to cope with and manage change, life events and transitions such as bereavement or retirement. All human beings have mental health needs, no matter what the state of their psyche. This book is written specifically for those who want to have an introduction to mental health, mental illness and mental health problems. It is written in simple language from a person that is curious about the subject and wants to share with you his research.

My curiosity about what makes certain people successful, drove me into the road of mental health. I am not an expert in the subject of mental illness ad treatments, thus before any actions to self-treat or self-diagnose your mental health status you should consult with a qualified physician who can properly diagnose and treat any potential mental illnesses. What became clear to me is that there is more to good health than just a physically healthy body: a healthy person should also have a healthy mind. A person with a healthy mind should be able to think clearly, should be able to solve the various problems faced in life, should enjoy good relations with friends, colleagues at work and family, and should feel spiritually at ease and bring happiness to others in the community.

Why should you be concerned about mental illness?

As mentioned earlier, our mental health affect how we perceive many aspects of our lives. It is an integral part of our whole health. There are many reasons why you need to be concerned about
mental illnesses.:

Because they affect us all. It is estimated that one in five of all adults will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime.
Because they are a major public health burden. Studies from nearly every corner of the world show that as much as 40% of all adults attending general health care services are suffering from some kind of mental illness.
Because they are very disabling. Even though the popular belief is that mental illnesses are less serious than physical illness, they do in fact produce severe disability. They can also cause death, as a result of suicide and accidents.

The World Health Report from the World Health Organization in 2001 found that four out of the ten
most disabling conditions in the world were mental illnesses. Depression was the most disabling disorder, ahead of anemia, malaria and all other health problems.

Because mental health services are very inadequate. Specialists spend most of their time caring for people who suffer from “severe mental disorders” (psychoses). These are quite rare, but are also the very diseases that the community associates with mental illness. Most people with the much commoner types of mental health problems, such as depression or alcohol problems, would not consult a mental health specialist.
Because mental illness leads to stigma. Most people with a mental health problem would never admit to it. Those with a mental illness are often discriminated against by the community and even their own family.
Because mental illness can be treated with simple, relatively inexpensive methods. This is the good news! It is true that many mental illnesses cannot be cured. However, many physical illnesses, such as cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis, are also not curable. Yet, much can be done to improve the quality of life of those who suffer these conditions and the same applies to mental illness.

It is important to understand mental health so we can help ourselves and our loved ones. The stigma often associated with the many forms of mental illnesses is very real. For example, many people with bipolar disorder or other mental illnesses are afraid to share their condition with other people for fear of ridicule or judgment. The stigma is so real in fact many will avoid telling friends or family of their mental condition. Many people with bipolar disorder face stigma and discomfort from well-meaning friends and family members that don’t really understand bipolar disorder. It is common for patients with bipolar disorder to feel misunderstood. Unfortunately even many health care providers carry with them a biased attitude toward bipolar patients. Many have a difficult time focusing on the real reason a person is in their office. Instead they focus on the mental health issue.

Here are some small steps patients and family members can take to help overcome the stigma associated with mental illness:

* Always accept your condition for what it is.
* Never attempt to hide your condition for fear that others will be un-accepting or misunderstand you.
* Educate friends and family. Direct them to a number of sites that help explain bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. Great reference sites include the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
* Confidently explain that one if five people suffers from some form of mental illness or another.
* Remember that you are more an insider than you realize.
* One out of every five of your friends, acquaintances or associates likely suffers from some form of mental illness. -Use support groups to help bolster your self-confidence and promote your inner peace and well-being.

If you are interested in learning more about mental health, I have compiled an easy to read and understand e-book “Understanding Mental Health” were I cover types, causes, and treatments available.

These days you are always hearing health related stories about weight loss or the newest exercise fad. Why buy into any of these? They are always going to be changing and something new is always going to come out. You could save some money and solve all your health problems just by doing one activity and sticking to it. No, I am not talking about purchasing a treadmill. Treadmills, at least for me, are always so boring; youre completely stationary other then the occasional up and downs. Plus, you get that weird “off-balance” kind of feel after you stop. Then there is always the occasional tripping while the machine is going. Why not give something else a try? Why not try road biking?

Road biking offers several benefits and let me tell you, they definitely can improve your physical and mental health. First, by road biking you are leaving the confines of your home and pushing yourself out into the world of fresh air and beautiful scenery. They say that the air outside is better than the air inside your home, granted if you live in a smog infested city, this may be arguable, but you can still get away to somewhere fresh! This improves your physical health and it gives you a mental break from your everyday life. Second, you will be enjoying the outdoors so much; you will probably forget that you are actually working out. Road biking is very therapeutic and you will be so focused on your surrounding and getting to where you want to go that you will forget you are using all your muscles. I can promise you that the first few times you do go out, you will have some muscle soreness, but eventually like anything else out there, your body adjusts. Third, you are the navigator! So, you get to choose how long and where you go on your bike. Your bike doesnt have a timer and then it turns off. Go as far or as close as you want to go. No one is going to ask if youre almost done with that machine? I dont know about you, but having the freedom to choose how long you work out and what you do is pretty important. At least on a road bike, I am in charge! Fourth, road Biking, although an activity best done outside, if need be, can be done in the comfort of your home with a bike trainer. No, not someone named Lance pushing you, but a special tool that attaches to your wheel where you can pedal in place. Yes, like a seated treadmill or bike that you would see at the gym. The main difference is this gives you the opportunity to practice using your gears and you still get a great workout. Plus, if there is bad weather or you dont have the time you need to workout, you can still use your bike and trainer to get your workout in. All these things can help your mental and physical health, thereby creating a happier healthier you.

So the next time someone says, “Have you tried this new diet?” or “Have you tried this new workout?” Your response can be, “No, have you ever tried road biking?”

Health Insurance Policies have become rather costly these days as medical science has achieved huge successes, with a growing need for doctors all over the country. Over the last couple of years unprecedented advancements have been made in the field of medication that has given a boost to the health care industry in a very significant way.

All the latest inventions and discoveries have led to an advanced medical technology. However, there is a lot that had to be invested in the researches to bring ahead these pioneering breakthroughs which have created new grounds for a better living for mankind. Hence with all that put together, the prices of the health insurance policies are growing a little too expensive.

There are a number of other factors that contribute to the hyped prices. To name a few would be flawed legislations. This has led to embarrassing situations and the demand for immediate intervention of the Government of the United States of America to come ahead and take a part in the pricing process as far as insurance policies are concerned.

Federal organizations have taken up a significant role in the health care industry. They should do something similar to what has been already achieved in Canada, where the government provides a good amount of subsidy for the health care services of the entire population. This is why the insurance costs are low and within an affordable range.

Here is a list of the diverse range of health insurance policies available in the market.

1) Health Care Insurance based on Employment: A private health care insurance is like a health plan that is provided to each of the employees by the employer or the labor union. This is particular kind of insurance that is provided by the employing company and is bought from a private company that sells health care insurances.

2)Health Care Insurance plans that are directly purchased: This is a health coverage plan that is purchased personally by an individual from a private health care insurance provider. These insurances come with different levels of coverage. Nowadays a lot of insurance companies are also providing policies for people from lower economic backgrounds. However, the primary category that the insurance companies deal with is the policies which come with the increased monthly premiums.

3)Government Health Care Insurance Policy: The health care insurances provided by the government of the United States are distributed on all the federal, state and local levels. These are coverage plans provided under the insurance schemes sponsored by the Government. The most common ones are the Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP and the Military health care plans. People who luckily qualify for these insurances may rest assured as the government bears a considerable sum of their expenses whenever necessary.

4)Specific Insurance Plans provided by the state: These insurance plans, as the name suggest, are sponsored by the individual states in the US. This is a special health coverage plan that is given out by the state office to its many constituents and is termed under different names in different states.

Getting older has its own disadvantages. With age, health issues creep in and begin to affect the day-to-day routine of the elderly. It is observed that the organs of the body work efficiently till the age of 60. However, as the age progresses further, bodily functions slowly decline, and visits to the doctor become inevitable.

Health Concerns in the Elderly

Elderly people are susceptible to a wide range of health problems. In older people, the numerous biological processes work below their optimum level. So, following are the elderly health issues observed after the age of 65.

Vision Problems
With age, one may notice decline in eye function. Aging can bring undesirable changes in the eyesight. Vision problems is one of the most common elderly health issues that require urgent medical treatment to prevent further deterioration of the eye. Minor eyesight problems are often corrected by wearing spectacles. Read more on eye problems. The most common age related eye disorder is given below:

Cataracts is a progressive condition that eventually affects the entire lens. Disturbances in vision are noticed when the eye lens affects significant area of the lens. Blurred vision and sensitivity to light are some of the most common symptoms of cataracts. Fortunately cataracts can be safely cured using a surgery.

Hearing Loss
As a person ages, his ability to hear and discriminate sound diminishes. It is naturally for elderly people to be upset and anxious, as it interferes with normal communication. ‘Hard of hearing’ or partial deafness are the common complaints among the elderly. However, with the advancement in science and technology, a wide range of hearing aids are available today, to treat age related hearing loss effectively. Programmable hearing aids are the latest devices that can make understanding people easier. Keep in mind, that this is one of the health problems for seniors and elderly, that has to be addressed early to avoid complete hearing loss. Read more on hearing loss.

With increase in age, a significant decrease in bone mass or density is observed. Loss in bone density that makes the bones brittle and weak is referred as osteoporosis. It is rightly said that elderly have a higher chance of developing bone fractures. A minor fall or even coughing can put elderly in the risk zone of bone fractures. Although more common in women over 65, men too can develop osteoporosis at an early age due to inadequate calcium intake.

Wear and tear of joints with age, often manifests in the form of osteoarthritis. As we all know a joint is a place where two bones meet. In other words, the joint is a connecting point between two bones. The ends of the bones are covered with a tissue, known as cartilage. This covering of the end points of the bones prevent friction, that may occur during joint movement. However, over time the cartilage wear away. As the layer of cartilage depletes, the bones rub against each other, causing inflammation and pain in the joints. Joint problems such as morning stiffness in the elderly are warning signs of osteoarthritis. In this condition, the joints are less flexible and cause pain during normal movement. Read more on joint pain.

One can always slow down the progression of these elderly health issues, by leading a healthy lifestyle. Habits like smoking can lead to early manifestation of cataracts. Calcium deficiency in the diet can make a person prone to bone diseases. So, following a healthy diet and an exercise program can prolong and even prevent the occurrence of these elderly health issues.

Remember, an actor like Clint Eastwood who is more than 75 years old, even today, directs movies. Sounds incredible, isn’t it? Even at this age, he has ventured into film direction, which is not an easy task. He has been successful in keeping elderly health issues at bay, thanks to his healthy lifestyle, his overall health is in good shape.